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How fast can you throw a yoyo at enemies? Play unblocked for free to conquer an epic war of yoyo! Players from around the world must prepare their yoyo to fight one another to see who will dominate the arena. Rather than using other common weapons like in the previous io games to fight, now, all you need is a yoyo!

The gameplay of online is simple and easy to understand but kind of hard to master. All you have to do is to aim and throw your yoyo into the enemies to kill them all and earn yourself some points. You begin as just a small cell in a random position, so you must be careful about others around you as they can throw their yoyo at you in no time. Try to avoid them and get some rainbow circles on the map to increase your points. When you have enough points, you can get to a new level, which makes you and your yoyo size much bigger. This also allows you to grow your yoyo attack range. However, size increase always comes with a disadvantage, and in this case, your movement speed will be decreased. As you kill an enemy, you will get 10 points for yourself. If you keep picking up more kills, your points will be much higher and you will be taken to the next level. Are you ready to conquer game? Have fun!