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2020-06-09 637 Plays 0% comment(s)

Snow game takes place in a snowy arena where you are a snowman throwing snowballs at enemies to push them off of the edge while avoiding the snowballs of others. When you step into the map of Snow unblocked, you have to go collect snow then form it into a snowball. When an enemy passes by your place, quickly throw that snowball at them to defeat them. As you collect kills, your size will be increased, which allows you to create bigger snowballs. Watch out for some puddles on the arena because you will get frozen if you touch them, and this gives a chance for other players to defeat you. Try your best to survive their attacks, get more kills, as well as a high score on the leaderboard to become the winner in Snow free online. Play this 2D Shooter io game now to show your skills and have fun with it!