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2020-03-25 534 Plays 0% comment(s) unblocked is set in a 3D arena full of slippery enemies. Have your skills prepared for an epic adventure through the pit to fight off all other players from around the world for your ultimate victory. game is pretty much similar to in terms of gameplay, and it’s proud to take the snake-themed io games to the next level.

Are you ready to enter the pit and take on this snake world in online? You pit yourself against other snakes from around the world so you must show your skills off against them. A small size will limit you to dominate the arena. Hence, you need to get your size bigger through over time by eating lots of power pellets that are dispersed across the map as you slither around. The more pellets you consume, the bigger you will become. That is a basic way for you to grow your body in this slither-style io game. When you are ready, you can start tricking other players into smashing into you or even speeding up your snake to outmaneuver them and cut them off. Kill enemy snakes quickly to gain points and eat their remains to get your size even bigger. You can cope with tough rivals using your strategies! Only the most intelligent snake can win! You have to survive and climb the ladder to rule the arena!