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Capturing a big arena full of enemies is not easy. But, that’s what you must do in unblocked – a free-to-play area control game made in the spirit of io games. game lets you work together with other friends as a team trying to take over the whole city using your color. For example, your color is pink, then the map needs to be filled with pink for your victory.

In free online, you and your teammates move around the map carefully painting as much area as possible using your color. Pick up power-ups with upgrades on your way then use them to move faster, cover even more area, and more importantly, you can knock out your enemies. Pay attention to your surroundings as you make your way through the map. Work with your teammates, support each other, so you can get through all the challenges and beat the rival team. Don’t forget to use your smart strategies as well as some cool tactics to get an edge over other players. When the whole map is full of your team’s color, the victory will belong to you. Keep your good spirit in the long run as you play so you will be more confident in beating enemies. Play and have fun with it!