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You become a wizard in free online and take on a mission where you must defeat all waves of monsters and their strong bosses. The battle in unblocked pits you against 51 waves of enemies. You are required to use your smart strategies, good tactics, as well as great skills to beat them to become the winner.

You have a heart placed in the center of the room. The main mission for you is to protect that heart and stop enemies from taking it. These monsters come in waves every 30 seconds. With a blade, energy bombs, as well as strong spirits in your hands, you can defeat them. You need to make sure the enemies are defeated before they get to your place. When they are killed, collect souls dropped by them and use the souls to buy some items that are available in the stores. Through over time, you should improve your HP or get a more destructive weapon for yourself, so you can have more strength to kill the enemies as they will get stronger when the game progresses. When you kill more enemies, you will find that your skills have become much better, which makes you a more powerful wizard that can vanquish all waves of monsters. The point of unblocked is to become the best wizard! You can play the game for free to show off your skills and have fun with it!